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About Me

I am an idea generator. When I was a kid, I once created an entire television show with my ET action figures over a period of several months. I enjoy making content that tells a story, whether I was writing, filming, designing, editing, or acting. 

The great Albert Einstein once said, "Creativity is intelligence having fun." So when I got to Oklahoma Christian University, I obviously chose Mass Communications Electronic Media - Creative media as my field of study. 

OC gave me hours of live broadcast experience as well as management experience in Eagle Radio. I worked on Eagle Angle, a weekly student newscast as a producer. I created content for the station and The Shadow Agency.


I have been involved in five film productions in varying roles at OC and in the indie community. I recently directed a film, 10 Minutes, that is now in post production. 

When I approach a project, I look at it through a prism of emotion, compassion and a little bit of fun too. I currently work at Paycom where I have expanded my skills. I have learned strategic planning and how far attention to detail can go.

Thanks for visiting my website and I'm looking forward to hearing about you!


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